The Breast and the Baby- A (temporary) Conscious Uncoupling

Consciuos uncouplingI enjoy sharing my breast with my BoobeeBear but recently he went through a stage of enjoying it on too frequent an occasion. Every time I sat down he would take that as an invitation to ‘have a quick one’.

Now, I enjoy a breastfeed as much as the next person, but I do occasionally need to wash a dish or eat.  ‘Wear a tight turtle neck’ I hear you say,  ‘just don’t sit down ‘ I hear you thinking.  But my BoobeeBear is a healthy 18mnth old who never stops eating,  so I know it’s out of habit rather than hunger.

I think I encouraged the habit by offering the breast at the slightest suggestion of a cry,  when he was happy,  sad, playing, half asleep, so I know this habit was my own doing.  However, it became so time consuming I actually considered giving up the sharing of my mummy milk, just to have have a few minutes of the day where a child was not hanging from one of my appendages, but I knew I would regret it so that idea was short lived.

My solution was to try distraction techniques to reduce the number of feeds he had throughout the day. I kept a very short diary of how it went.

DAY 1. I was ready for the challenge. I had on a jumper, and had a snack (for him not me) to hand. Let’s just say it didn’t work, he promptly ate the breadstick. ..then tried to retrieve mummy milk atop my jumper.

DAY 2. Lessons had been learned (as a politician would say) from the previous days attempts.  I armed myself with a jumper, a snack…and a toy. I was sure this was the winning combination. Needless to say he ate the snack (raisins) whilst playing with his toy (his car he loves making brum brum sounds) then he had the Boobee.

I have decided that my need to clean the house, or visit the loo are selfish pursuits. My breasts belong to him after all (sorry dadda), so who am I to ration his milk supply anyway? ?

Now he is 19months (and throwing tantrums like he’s 2) but slowly started to have less Boobee completely on his own. He even brings me a cushion to rest my arm so at least I’m comfortable for my troubles…what a thoughtful BoobeeBear he is growing into.

We all have breastfeeding stories, I’d love to hear what distraction techniques you have used to reduce your breastfeeds during the day or night?


BoobeeBears Anonymous

This blog is 93% breastfeeding,  6.11% motherhood and 8.4% ranting/general observation.

I am a mother and therefore a breastfeeder.  I enjoy and talk about it so much that I’m known by my family and friends as a prolific breastfeeder who is only too happy to unleash my womenly feeding power wherever my littleun shows even a slight suggestion of a tummy rumble. Thankfully my wonderful sons enjoyed (now 4yrs old) and enjoys (18 months old) our pastime or I wouldn’t have anything to write about in this blog.

The name BoobeeBears Anonymous is supposed to be ironic. A ‘BoobeeBear’ is a baby ( I called my first son this all the time as a youngun). These ‘BoobeeBears’ are ‘Anonymous’ because you rarely see them enjoying a breast when out and about. Thankfully that is changing now and I notice much more with my 2nd son than I did with my first.  To identify these Anonymous enjoyers of the breast, I decided to use funny slogans I had come up with during my many hours spent breastfeeding to make cute baby vests, badges and bags (website soon to come). This could hopefully act as a conversation starter when out and about so mums don’t feel they are the only ones breastfeeding or the only ones doing it when their child passes a certain age.

This blog is not about converting anyone to start breastfeeding, it is for everyone who already enjoys the joys of breastfeeding and want the world to know about it.